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We run a number of projects each year, all with the aim of helping people to develop a love of words, either spoken, or written, or both.  If you’d like to get involved or know someone who could benefit from taking part in one of our projects please contact us.



We’re always on the lookout for new ideas or new volunteers so if you have a great idea for a new project or would like to volunteer with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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Ongoing | Learn2Launch

Adult Learn to Read Course

These courses are run in partnership with Launch2Learn, who provide a teacher to work with small groups of adults over a 20-week period to teach reading and writing. These have been running since 2018 and with European Union and Education and Skills Funding since January 2020


Anyone over the age of 16 and not currently in employment is welcome to take part in our FREE Learn to Read course.


Ongoing | Wordfest App

Calne Tale Trails brings to life stories, both past and present, of the Calne community area. Access the stories using our progressive web app either from the comfort of your own home, or out and about using a mobile device.  


Ongoing | Podcast

Curiosity Calne

Local Tales of the Supernatural is a podcast series developed by and for young local people. Calne myths and ghost stories of the past form the basis for this supernatural series.

Tune in here if you dare!
More info here.

More fun projects coming soon

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