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Calne River Warriors

River Warriors is a dynamic and proactive youth group set up to encourage local children to take part in green tasks.

The group, is run by Tamsyn Long and was originally launched in November 2018 and since then has gone from strength to strength.

since the pandemic the group has grown to include adults as well and they all help assist in taking on some more difficult projects such as repairing the boardwalk along by the spring fed pond, and the creation of the log circle, and plenty more alike.

Along with improving the local area for wildlife, the project is fantastic for the children's self esteem and wellbeing.

Throughout the last year River Warriors have been extremely busy, from clearing rubbish in and around Abberd Brook, cutting back overgrown bushes and trees, and taking care of some of the community space in the area too.

Also this year has seen River Warriors working alongside Greensquare Accord and planted an Orchard and over the years as they take care of it they plan to make it a great place residents can enjoy.

River Warriors has been busy planting wildflowers at the Vicarage wildflower area as well as around the Abberd pond, Sadly the new Rowan tree got vandalised but it will be replaced this year.

At Colemans farm we have planted 2 Wildflower circles which has proven a real success and will be great for wildlife and people, and we are already seeing amazing wildlife enjoying these.

We can not wait to see what else River Warriors do but we know that all the hardwork and efforts that are put in by all volunteers will definitely pay off as we continue to watch the growth, wildlife and beauty of the surrounding areas of Calne come together.

If you would like to volunteer and are interested in the work River Warriors do then why not drop them an email - and why not follow them on Facebook and keep up to date with all their activities.

Here is just a few pictures of the work that River Warriors has done and a few of the volunteers:-

All information taken from Calne River Warriors Facebook page and Newsletter.

Written By Jessica Doidge

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