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Bremhill Community Centre

Do you need a centre for your organisation to use look no further... want to know more then keep reading!

Bremhill community centre is now available and the town council are looking for local community groups to use the centre to its fullest.

This Could be on a hire or lease basis arrangement whatever would suit your organisation.

Currently the building is being refurbished so when it is in use it comes up to a useable and great standard for those using it. These works should be complete by end of June 2022.

The facility has one large hall and 2 smaller meeting rooms, there is a bar area although this is not in use at the moment, but it does bold a lot of space would be great use to anyone.

The town council are also welcome to the idea of Joint partnerships, If you do think you could make use of Bremhill community centre then any interest should be sent to the director of council services Steve Nash by the end of June at the latest to:-

Written by Jessica Doidge

All information provided by Steve Nash

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