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Eco Creations

Have you visited our eco shop in Calne – based on Wood street?

If not, you should; sustainable living is becoming so big and supporting local, independent shops is so important.

Walking in you are greeted with smiles and friendly faces and with an amazing range of products.

Abi has been running Eco Creations for almost 3 years. The work she and her mum do is amazing.

You have your dried fruits, herbs, rices, pastas, and several items that other shops sadly do not sell anymore.

Sometimes there is homegrown veg, plants and such like to buy too.

From your dish soap, to fabric softener the list goes on of things you can get.

There are products that are sourced locally, like the Suna health & beauty products made in Calne itself. (The body butter and soap bars smell amazing).

Some lovely local honey & beeswax candles are on offer too, with some of the honey being used for some gorgeous fudge. On sale are homemade chutneys & sauces that come from Malmesbury.

The best thing is that it is so reasonably priced – what more is there to like or want?!

And not forgetting our furry friends – animals are catered for as well. If you are into your birds why not pop in & get a new bird house or the food for them too?

I don't want to give too much away – so why not pop in and take a look, you won't regret it.

Take a container, a bottle, a jar in or if you forget don't worry there are some containers available – just keep them for next time. Or if you have jars, containers that you need to get rid of, why not take them in (as long as they are clean)?

From start to finish the experience of the visit was lovely, coming away with some lovely items & knowing I have helped a local business is amazing, I will definitely be returning. (Even if it's just for more banana chips!)

Go give them a follow on their Facebook & Instagram pages & take a visit.

Written by Jessica Doidge

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